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Forum Rules: Read Before Posting

Postby Site Administrator on Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:08 pm

We've put together this forum as a way for aficionados of the northern Santa Lucia Range and Big Sur Coast to get together and share information. Anything relating to this exquisite region is appropriately posted here, be it announcements, questions, answers, reports of condition or calls-to-arms.

Please note that this is a moderated board, and that certain indiscretions, such as personal attack (flaming), inflammatory messages (trolling), or use of vulgar language could get your post deleted. We do not tolerate spamming and any spam or commercial post will not only be deleted, but the poster will be immediately banned from the forum (excepting pertinent posts to the For Sale, Barter or Trade forum that are in line with the VWA's mission.) We further reserve the right to warn, temporarily restrict, or permanently ban members for violating these rules and subsequently close, move, hide, delete, and/or edit the offending posts. Moderators will generally provide notifications and/or warnings to first-time offenders (we all make mistakes and need an opportunity to correct them). However, we do reserve the right to take stronger action without warning for repeat offenders. You are fully accountable for everything you post here; posters who persist in the aforementioned violations will find themselves permanently banned from the forum.

Moderators will generally not censor content, but we reserve the right to censor style. In other words, we care less about what you say than how you say it. You may criticize, complain, disagree, etc., but keep it respectful. Also, we reserve the right to remove any post or thread which we deem to be deleterious to wilderness preservation and the mission of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance, such as descriptions of travel in trail-less areas, directions to "hidden" hot springs, posts condoning or stating the intention to engage in illegal activity, etc., at our discretion. Rest assured that we will never share your personal data or e-mail address with any third party, period.

That said, we hope you'll take a moment to add your thoughts and experience to the forum, but please keep in mind that the views, attitudes and ideas expressed here are not necessarily those of the Ventana Wilderness Alliance, and that any and all information gleaned here must be used at your own risk. In short, keep it civil and take it with a grain of salt.
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