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Buckeye Camp Water Source Replacement

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Re: Buckeye Camp Water Source Replacement

Postby gfelsman on Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:40 pm


It might be the volunteer trail worker working up there, or the guy who brings his horse up once and awhile.

That would be my guess.

I any case, I would definitely filter or boil the water at this camp.

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Buckeye Camp Water Source Replacement

Postby jbl on Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:27 pm

I was at Buckeye Camp on Saturday night and saw that the hose that I'd always known as the water source was no longer there, now there was a different, more flimsy hose in a spot slightly to the left of where the old hose had been. I don't have a picture of the current hose (should have taken one) but the old hose, which went through a small piece of wooden framework, is shown below in a picture I took in May '14:

Old Buckeye Camp Water Hose

Does anyone know the story on this and when this change occurred? If you've been there since May '14 can you tell me the date and whether the it was the hose in my picture or another loose and flimsy hose that was there? Thanks.
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