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Water at Lone Pine Camp

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Re: Water at Lone Pine Camp

Postby Betsy M on Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:50 pm

The time I found water there it was September of a very dry year, though not as dry as this year. As Jack says, you have to go quite a ways down from the camp. From descriptions, I suspect some hikers don't even find the camp. So it would be difficult to know how far to go (350 feet below camp).
The other thing about Lone Pine water is that the water was only flowing for about four feet of the creek. If you were expecting a huge torrent of water, you might miss this. If you aren't staying right in the drainage, you might miss it. But the small flow was PLENTY to fill water bottles. Unlike some other sources that get low, this wasn't scummy or bad in any way. It was beautiful, clear water.
In the same vein, a recent trail report for Marble Peak Trail says no water except for a trickle at Shovel Handle Creek, once you leave Willow Springs, all the way to Marble Peak. I found a good steady flow at Camp Creek, and meager flow at Tan Oak Camp. Plus water in Tan Oak Creek a few hundred feet up from Tan Oak Camp.
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Water at Lone Pine Camp

Postby jack_glendening on Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:30 pm

Met three backpackers on the VDC Trail who asked about water at Lone Pine Camp. My answer: nothing is certain in this drought but an estimated 90-95% chance of finding water and emphasized the need to go far beyond the camp, the camp being only 2/3 of the distance to the water, down to the confluence of two gullies. Again meeting them on Double Cone summit, they said they had NOT found water despite going all the way to the confluence. Feeling somewhat responsible for their predicament (they were heading down Puerto Suelo Trail, which would be slow) I gave them the extra liter of water I was carrying.

I was going to report this as an instance of historically "perennial" water sources going dry, but decided to first check it out myself (and take photo) on the return trip. Lo and behold, I FOUND water there! So they must not have gone far enough, or somehow missed it

I've heard several reports of "no water" at Lone Pine Camp but never from a "reliable" source, i.e. one who had the experience to know the location of the perennial water. Betsy MacGowan reports that she has never found it dry and neither have I - though again, in this drought one never knows so any reports from later in the year would be appreciated. Until then, I still consider it to be a "perennial" source.

For those who've never gotten water there: During wet seasons water may be found in the gully on the south side of the camp, but in the dry season you must follow that gully downstream to the confluence of the gullies on each side of the camp - getting to the end can be difficult due to brush and bank steepness, but you MUST go 350 feet from the camp to find the perennial water. Some people report "no water at Lone Pine Camp" when, as in this case, they simply have not gone far enough to reach it. (In the dry season the water may be in a pool, not flowing)

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