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Flower Tumbles needs reviews!

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Flower Tumbles needs reviews!

Postby Waldo on Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:55 am

I first climbed Pikloman-Serra back in 1976. I’ve been to the summit several times since - most recently last year - but that first time made a big impression on me. I subsequently wrote a story using the great mountain as a setting that won the Salinas Californian’s 1981 John Steinbeck Award for best fiction. Colleague Art Salvagno and I teamed up to turn it into a book for kids aged eight to twelve. We had a great time working on this project back in 1981 and again when we revised it in 1995. Hundreds of teachers over the years found our story and teaching activities of great use in supplementing their treatment of California history and the Mission Era in particular. Unfortunately, the book went out of print five or six years ago. I finally got around to securing the electronic rights last year and have just issued a Kindle edition of the story. I’d like to solicit some reviews (either Amazon or Goodreads) for this edition of my story. It’s only 4,000 words or so in length and - if you’re interested - I’ll send you a copy. The first three folks to get back to me will get the Kindle books!
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