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The Kelly Kettle

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Re: The Kelly Kettle

Postby LBehrmann on Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:31 pm

Would this be considered a camp stove or a fire for the purposes of restrictions?
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Re: The Kelly Kettle

Postby js_radford on Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:13 pm

Hey Boon! Thanks for this lead. As you may recall I've long employed min-fires for cooking if at all possible. This device looks terrific! It would save me much aggravation in digging a fire pit with hard-to-find flattish rocks placed just so and searching for sufficient right-size fuel. I wish I had invented it. Darn.

I see I can order from Amazon at same price as from Kelly Kettle web site. I have bought several other, clever natural fuel type devices before but never used for various reasons, mainly bulk and packing difficulty. I think this one would really answer. I can easily imagine strapping onto exterior of pack. It would also be amazing to make such a natural fire above treeline (similar to Irish bog/barren lands type situations) using abundant but normally not usable fuels of all sorts (like willow twigs ... Marmot droppings?? maybe not).

I JUST 2 days ago bought a JetBoil unit. I see the Kelly Kettle web site comparison of fuel costs of the Kelly Kettle vs. JetBoil is hands down VERY VERY bad for JetBoil. I think I'd use the JetBoil for some situations and the Kelly Kettle for most others, perhaps. I wish I'd caught your posting earlier. Or not. The JetBoil is a terrific invention and sooooo convenient (and clean), though I really hate using fuel canisters for the egregious waste of metal and CO2 pollution.

I'd have to make a liner for the insides to allow using that inner cavity for storage of matches and maybe a few other small items (maybe just use a simple square of ripstop such as I already use for my cook kit).

The only drawback I expect is weight (4 pounds?) and inefficient use of space - - including the inner fire cavity (not a cylinder but a cone) and totally unusable volume into which the water goes. Oh well. These may be deal breakers.
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Re: The Kelly Kettle

Postby C M Heard on Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:47 pm

Thanks, Boon, for bringing this to our attention. Seems much more fire-safe and practical than LNT campfire gear (which our fire prevention professionals generally do much like).

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The Kelly Kettle

Postby Boon on Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:04 pm

A very interesting backcountry cooking concept comes to us from our friends over on the emerald isle. The smallest one, the "Trekker," looks like it might make sense for backpacking the Ventana (outside of fire restrictions season), given all the readily available fuel to be found.

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