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Jetboil - reliable?

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Re: Jetboil - reliable?

Postby jack_glendening on Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:41 pm

I had the igniter on my Jetboil fail after a few uses and found the tip of the wire had broken off - pulling out a bit more wire and bending it to match the original bend and tip spacing fixed it. That solution came from a Jetboil webpage, so this has obviously been a problem for others and likely why there is a lot of extra wire, so multiple fixes are possible.

But it also seemed to me that the space between the wire and the bottom of the fuel canister was rather small and might touch and break the igniter wire when jostled. So I fashioned a 1/4 inch thick doughnut from hard sponge and now place that below the fuel container when disassembling+packing my stove, to give the igniter wire additional headroom. FWIW, since then I've not experienced another failure. (But I still carry a small book of matches along - just in case.)


PS: I'd been buying non-Jetboil fuel under the assumption all canisters are the same size. It occurred to me that the "official" Jetboil canisters might have a slightly different shape, i.e. a deeper rounding to allow more space, in which case my failure might be due to
not buying Jetboil fuel. But as best I can measure, the Snowpeak canisters have the same bottom rounding as the Jetboil ones.
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Re: Jetboil - reliable?

Postby Jim Ringland on Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:40 pm

My experience is that the Jetboil piezo igniter is reliably dysfunctional after a few uses. I carry REI waterproof matches and have given up on the igniter. Except for that, I like my Jetboil. It's fast and parsimonious on the gas.
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Jetboil - reliable?

Postby js_radford on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:24 pm

IGNITER: I am going to get a Jetboil but wonder if their piezo igniter is totally reliable? That is to say, would one be able to safely go w/o matches and not get in trouble from being unable to light the stove?

LIGHTER?: In same vein, does anyone have a recommendation for the best butane or other lighter to buy for general purpose lighting of fires or whatever?

MATCHES GRIPE: I think I already know there are no longer ANY "strike anywhere" matches that actually are reliable and actually do strike anywhere. All such-named matches are now a total and utter fraud. I used to recommend Penley matches. No more. They aren't much if any better than any other "strike anywhere" matches. Fear of litigation or Homeland Security silliness or at the least cheapskate manufacture have eliminated the last of the true "strike anywhere" matches which I grew up with decades ago (could strike them on your jeans, a zipper, any old rock, even your fingernail if well practiced ... almost anywhere).
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