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Best Band-aids?

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Re: Best Band-aids?

Postby js_radford on Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:54 am

CVS - "Sport Extra Wide Bandages" (the key qualifier is apparently "Sport" - workability has nothing to do with width)


Betsy gave me a package of them the other day and they are FAR superior to anything else I've found. They are foam cushioned, which I would not have thought was a good point but maybe makes at least some of the big difference.

- sticks to itself (forever? - at least 12 hours, probably much longer)
- sticks to your skin adequately well w/o gluing itself to your bones and leaving a gum residue requiring solvent to remove
- Latex free, for what that's worth

It claims to be "New!" Maybe it is different from whatever else is available.

To repeat, my current bandages which I'll never ever buy again:
- Band-Aid flexible fabric (industrial strength gum sticks to skin and nail but not to itself at all)
- Nexcare heavy duty fabric bandages (don't even stick to your skin or nails and doesn't stick to itself either)

Some say to use duct tape to secure bandages. I found that problematical and somewhat unreliable. I have not tried medical tape; maybe that answers well combined with bad fabric bandages.
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Best Band-aids?

Postby js_radford on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:57 am

I cannot find a decent band-aid anymore. Is this yet another example of "they don't make them like they used to"? I fear so. I am pretty sure even the cheap plastic band-aids were years ago pretty good (I'm talking like 35 years ago!). For a long time, I haven't given them a second glance in the store as they are nearly worse than worthless.

As alternative, I have used "fabric" band-aids only. That worked well for a time. Now it seems they are not really reliable; perhaps the only goal of manufacturers is to make something that is not too bad but not so good that in requires fewer re-applications and thus reduced sales.

I think maybe the "fabric" is plastic fabric. Maybe in years past the "fabric" was cotton and was decidedly better. I recall many a trip (none recently) when a fabric bandage would last for days! I used to have to wrap two little toes on flatter (longer) right foot with band-aids to prevent blister that I knew I would get and the bandage beautifully prevented until the toes toughened up (3 days usually). Sometimes they'd stay on my toes in tact perfectly for an entire week! (Not saying how often I bathed). No more.

.............. what I'm using now ...............

J&J FLEXIBLE FABRIC: I recently had a small crack at corners of both thumbs after my last trail work trip to MPT. I immediately went for the "Band-Aid flexible fabric bandages" by Johnson & Johnson. They did two things: stuck to skin and nail like a banshee (requiring chemical solvent to remove adhesive later) but stuck NOT AT ALL to itself. Indeed, not more than maybe 15 minutes after carefully applying, the band-aid was already peeling off of itself. Shortly, it started to fray badly. I had to re-apply up to three times a day, though I was careful not to get wet.

3M NEXCARE: last week, after an lengthy Amazon search, I ordered "Nexcare heavy duty fabric bandages", based on reviews. When I tried one last night, I thought I had found the answer. The bandage went on nicely, wrapped around the end of thumb neatly and snugly just as reviews suggested. But again these things don't stick to themselves at all. Much worse than the ones above. Also, they don't stick to the skin or to nail nearly as well as the J&J brand above. Junk.

I've tried everything I can find in store over the years. I have not hit on a reliable bandage that I recall.

............. ?? OTHER OPTIONS ?? ...............

Any suggestions? Is there a medical-quality bandage that mere mortals can buy? Is there a military grade bandage that I can get readily online if not in a store?
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