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How to place images in your posts

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How to place images in your posts

Postby Site Administrator on Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:17 pm

How to place an image in your post:

Option 1: Upload a file from your computer

Here's how:

1. Jpg (jpeg), gif, and png are the best image formats to use. The file size upload limit per file is 1 mb. You can upload 3 images or attachments per post.

Don't have photo editing software? No problem! Go to and resize your photos there! (This is also a great way to shrink the photos from your digital camera to make them easier to email)

2. When posting to the forum, scroll down below the "Submit button" and you'll see a tab labelled "Upload attachments". Click it, then browse to the image on your computer.
click to see larger

3. Click "Add the File".

4. After the file uploads, a new box title "Posted attachments" shows up below the text entry box and above the submit button. Click "place inline" to insert the file in the post.
place-inline.jpg (11.59 KiB) Viewed 19066 times

The file shows up like this in the post:
Code: Select all
but if you click Preview or Submit you will see your image in living color!

If you get an error message, it's most likely that the file was too large or the wrong format - see #1 above.

Option 2: You have an image on your own website or a photosharing service like Flickr or Photobucket:

1. Copy the image url.
2. Click the "Img" button in the post editor and insert the URL between the tags.
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